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New Short Stories now have their own website.  You can visit them here:  New Short Stories

They are currently running a new short stories of the month competition every month.  That's 12 months every year.  More months than the Roman Empire had.  And the Roman Empire was big.

new book of poetry from Elias Miller:

Winter 2019

Finally after all these years we have another book of poetry from the one and only Elias Miller.  

i dream of peach seeds

Not apple seeds.  Not blueberry seeds.  The indomitable peach seeds.  The only seeds found in the charming and irrepressible peach fruit.

Miller last graped us with Belt Loops & Bird Food , Collected Poems 2002 - 2009
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"Concentrating on a relatively small list of authors and...a quirky, literate audience who aren’t afraid of straying off the beaten track to something a little less mainstream, pretend genius are the complete antithesis of the soulless blockbuster publishing houses that currently have a vice like grip on the book industry."
                                                                           --UK Roundtable Review

"In that sometimes dim world of the independent press, it (pretend genius) occupies sparkling prominence, provides the proof of outstanding achievement and the promise of equally meritorious future accomplishments."
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mode:  Play Championship World-Class Tennis with Bjorn McEnroe

Tennis, haiku, quotes, pictures, footnotes. Learn how to play championship world-class tennis and read haiku at the same time. It doesn't make sense until it does. You'll understand in the middle of your next important conversation.

"This book is damn near perfec"
                                --Slow Walker

                                --Darling Two Hearts

Play Championship World-Class Tennis with Bjorn McEnroe
by Sean Brijbasi
At Cafe Hopeless

"never just one question.  sometimes a little less than a medium number of questions. but we get the real story or a story representative of the real story.  cafe' hopeless is a pretend genius production."
a new formulative non-descriptive
accepting reviews of books you have not read, movies you have not seen, places you have not been, music you have not listened to, etc...

it has been correctly stated by the most brilliant authors that these types of reviews are the most difficult to write.  they must be intelligent without becoming--what's the word?-- stupid.  we are now accepting such reviews.  it is dangerous territory and we encourage you to be more dangerous (than the territory).  dangerous territory
"I sensed that she felt in me a brief awakening to the image framed by the window.  She pulled the blinds further apart.  I thought what if we were out there together and someone not so unlike me watched from here.  This watcher would be evil and succumb to one of the many evils known to man.  Perhaps the evil of knifing and the slitting that is an integral part of it."                        Irisa Jebbans